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I come from an engineering background, have real-world industrial experience, and have extensive experience in providing translation and interpreting for a wide spectrum clients. I am not your run-of-the-mill JA-to-EN translator who, enamored of Japanese culture, majored in Japanese and only then discovered that commercial translation was something very different from Buddhism, martial arts, flower arrangement, and the tea ceremony.

After my first encounter with Japan almost more than a half-century ago, I returned to the US, obtained a degree in electrical engineering (BSEE from Drexel University), and joined what was then Western Electric, working in that company's millimeter waveguide and fiber optics laboratories.

I subsequently established and managed the Japan branch of a US manufacturer of electronic test and measurement products.

In the late 1970s, I pivoted to translation as a full-time activity. Almost all of my translation work has been technical and legal translation.

I was a founding member and multi-term president of Japan Association of Translators and established the forerunner of Kirameki Translations, Inc., which continues to provide Japanese-to-English translation for industry and legal matters.

I am a seasoned Japanese-to-English translator and also one of the few native English-speaking litigation interpreters in Japan with both an engineering background and industry experience.

Contacting Me

For matters other than work, I can be reached at the following email address.

For work matters, refer to my company website.

Exemplary Publications and Presentations

My company website has a list of publications.